The Contemporary Artisan; management expertise & style

Master's Course**

2 2017 - 1 2018
意大利语 · 英语
€ 5.500
EU € 24.500
non-EU € 26.000

** 顺利在米兰校区完成课程的学生将被授予马兰戈尼学院毕业证书。

2 2017 - 1 2018
意大利语 · 英语
€ 5.500
EU € 24.500
non-EU € 26.000

** 顺利在佛罗伦萨校区完成课程的学生将被授予马兰戈尼学院毕业证书。

The luxury accessories industry has evolved from humble beginnings in producing functional add-ons, to the elevated status it has today – turning bags, shoes, belts and small leather goods into new iconic objects of desire. Accessories embellish fashion, and the fashion business recognises the embellishment, beauty and fame of accessories ‘Made in Italy’. Bridging creativity and business, this course prepares highly specialised sought after design and management profiles.

This one year postgraduate level Luxury Accessories Design & Management course is for participants that have previous undergraduate level study in the fields of fashion, design or similar, or proven work experience, wishing to extend their knowledge in accessories collection design, planning and management, with a focus on Italian craftsmanship and style admired and celebrated globally.
Italian luxury brands and generations of highly skilled artisans and craftsmen work incessantly to uphold and support the ‘Made in Italy’ trademark, world renown for quality top-class manufacturing techniques.

Participants explore how Italian manufacturing is exemplary in its identification and use of materials and manufacturing techniques, and learn how to successfully balance design and functionality with sophisticated aesthetics; organised visits to Italian companies provide first-hand experience of design and accessories manufacturing. Participants learn how to design and put together collections tied to the concept of ‘decorative’ luxury. They research the history of luxury accessories and the influence of the contemporary fashion panorama on style concepts and production techniques, as well as current issues in sustainability and the use of new materials. Industry projects in collaboration with prominent Italian companies explores real business heritage values and manufacturing techniques, and the inter-seasonal nature of accessory products, putting together a coordinated collection that includes a diverse range of accessories; bags, purses, shoes and small accessory items. Throughout the project they receive professional feedback and guidance from the company. Putting together a successful accessories collection requires in fact a strategic mix of research, creativity, advanced design, and business project
planning, this course provides the skills and knowledge to produce forward thinking design proposals for the high-end luxury market.

This fashion course is also available via an Executive Training Formula in Firenze.


• Accessories/handbags designer
• Fashion illustrator
• Product manager
• Collection manager


• The accessory product
• The luxury market
• Collection building and management
• Visual communication and brand identity
• Research methods
• Manufacture ‘Made in Italy’
• Materials for luxury accessories and product management
• Fashion research
• Fashion marketing
• Business management

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