Fashion expressed through still & moving image. In partneship with Superstudio 13.

Master's Course**

2 2017 - 1 2018
意大利语 · 英语
€ 5.500
EU € 24.500
non-EU € 26.000

** 顺利在米兰校区完成课程的学生将被授予马兰戈尼学院毕业证书。

Conceptualise, style, shoot, develop and communicate. Contemporary fashion photographers understand the importance of styling to create a story and an atmosphere, together with the growing connections between still and moving image to express fashion and luxury. This one year postgraduate level Fashion Styling, Photography & Film course trains participants to become visual image experts with advanced skills in photography, fashion film techniques, styling and publishing, focusing on advertising, catalogues, fashion magazines and photo editorials, for both offline and online media. Through technical experimentation, cultural content and creative research, the fashion course looks at how to reflect the soul and identity of a fashion brand through photography and moving image. Today’s professional fashion photographers increasingly work with moving image, this course covers the techniques of fashion film creation used by many fashion brands as a means to highlight particular products or design features with new ways of telling the story of fashion, relying entirely on films distributed online in their communication strategies. Focusing on the visual language of communication participants approach the many different aspects of fashion styling, learning how to persuade, inspire and create an emotional response.
They acquire the technical skills and theoretical knowledge needed to create a fashion shoot from initial concept, through to final editing – including analysis of current and future trends and the historical and contemporary context of fashion. During the course participants also apply technical and cultural notions to in-studio projects, learning how to negotiate and plan in detail every area of the technical and creative process.
They search for a location or photo studio, develop the use of light and colour composition and find the right sensibility to ‘capture’ their subject respecting the mood and theme of the creative proposal, brand image or client brief. Alongside technical and aesthetic aspects of photography and film, that incorporate lighting, composition, editing and special characteristics of films and paper, the course looks at business and networking, bringing observation and communication abilities together with artistic and creative expression. Teaming up with the photographic creative hub Superstudio 13 based in Milano, acknowledged by the fashion press as one of the best photographic studios and sets in the world, participants learn how to express their individual creative approach, style and skills at a professional level.

** 顺利在米兰校区完成课程的学生将被授予马兰戈尼学院毕业证书。


• Staff/freelance photographer
• Photo editor
• Director of photography
• Fashion stylist
• Image consultant
• Personal stylist
• Art/creative director
• Fashion photographer
• Visual & graphic designer


• Photography & editing
• Publishing
• Design experimentation
• Visual communication
• Sociology of the fashion image & storytelling
• Styling development and analysis
• Innovative research methods and analysis
• History of fashion photography and film
• Enhancing a professional portfolio

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