Making fashion and luxury products desirable

Master's Course**,Master's Degree*

2 2017 - 1 2018
意大利语 · 英语
€ 5.500
EU € 26.000
non-EU € 27.500

** 顺利在米兰校区完成课程的学生将被授予马兰戈尼学院毕业证书。

2 2017 - 1 2018
意大利语 · 英语
€ 5.500
EU € 24.500
non-EU € 26.000

** 顺利在佛罗伦萨校区完成课程的学生将被授予马兰戈尼学院毕业证书。

2 2017 - 25 2019
€ 5.500
EU € 24.500
non-EU € 26.000

* 在巴黎成功完成英文授课项目的学生将获得由英国曼彻斯特城市大学(Manchester Metropolitan University) 颁发的硕士学位。硕士课程包括12周的工作实习。拿到硕士学位需获得180个学分。具体入学要求请登录网站,若需要更多信息,请联系所选学校信息处。 3)米兰校区课程将授予马兰戈尼学院的毕业证书。

2 2017 - 25 2019
£ 4.400
EU £ 18.000
non-EU £ 19.700

* 在伦敦成功完成英文授课项目的学生将获得由英国曼彻斯特城市大学(Manchester Metropolitan University) 颁发的硕士学位。硕士课程包括12周的工作实习。拿到硕士学位需获得180个学分。具体入学要求请登录网站,若需要更多信息,请联系所选学校信息处。 3)米兰校区课程将授予马兰戈尼学院的毕业证书。

** 伦敦校区仅接受英镑汇款。

Promoting what is fashionable and making products desirable is the work of the fashion promotion and communications expert. Fashion promoters define advertising campaigns and organise promotional activity through the most appropriate communication channels that reflect and represent the image of a brand, or luxury product.

Professionals organise presentations, events, fashion shows, exhibitions, conferences, press office and public relations activities, utilising different methods of communication, media and marketing.

This one year postgraduate level Fashion Promotion, Communication & Media course (lasting 15 months in London and Paris – including internship – and 12 months in Milano and Firenze) trains participants in technical and theoretical notions needed to create a professional communication campaign through the study of fashion and luxury marketing management, public relations, social media and advertising. Understanding the connection between consumers, the product, and the markets in which they operate is key to producing a successful communication strategy.

During the fashion course participants learn how to respond to recent developments in media and communication. They explore the major theories and debates that dominate fashion promotion and evaluate different techniques applicable in creating and understanding the role of ‘image’ in fashion, as well as analysing historical and contemporary references. Particular emphasis is placed on public relations within fashion houses: from customer management to the identification of key industry players and celebrities, and from fashion show organisation to the management of press days, conferences and events.

Looking at fashion advertising, editorial and creative direction in media, communication and promotion, participants evaluate and analyse trends in fashion styling, photography and journalism. They also gain an advanced knowledge of creative writing processes encouraging their own vision and professional preparation for various roles in the fashion industry which foster innovation, entrepreneurial thinking and problem solving.

The impact of new technologies has changed the face of communication and this course looks at finding the right balance between conventional or strategic promotional and marketing campaigns, and communication through new media including viral platforms, online blogs, magazines, and social media – also investigating the use of new media for commercial benefit.

This course is aimed at participants that have previous undergraduate level study or similar, or proven work experience completing the course with skills in media and promotion for the fashion and luxury industries, with the ability to apply key fashion communication channels and theories across all written and visual media campaigns.

This course is also available via an Executive Training Formula.

* 在巴黎和伦敦成功完成英文授课项目的学生将获得由英国曼彻斯特城市大学(Manchester Metropolitan University) 颁发的硕士学位。硕士课程包括12/14周的工作实习。拿到硕士学位需获得180个学分。具体入学要求请登录网站,若需要更多信息,请联系所选学校信息处。 3)米兰校区课程将授予马兰戈尼学院的毕业证书。

** 顺利在米兰和佛罗伦萨校区完成课程的学生将被授予马兰戈尼学院毕业证书。


• Art director/creative director
• Social media and web content editor
• Digital adv expert
• Digital marketing manager
• Pr and communication manager
• Media planner


• Communication strategy and branding
• Engaging luxury customer
• Contemporary fashion communication and criticism
• Fashion and public relations
• Fashion advertising: traditional and innovative media
• Social media and digital PR management
• Contemporary issues in fashion
• Creative direction
• Communication, time management, leadership
• Professional research methods

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