Turn fashion dreams into reality

Master's Course**

2 2017 - 1 2018
意大利语 · 英语
€ 5.500
EU € 24.500
non-EU € 26.000

** 顺利在米兰校区完成课程的学生将被授予马兰戈尼学院毕业证书。

Product managers look to the future. They turn ideas and design concepts into reality, converting creativity into a valid commercial proposal. Product management brings together the work of the design studio, pattern cutting and production departments, ensuring a fashion collection achieves the required style, production standards, price points, delivery dates and points of sale.

This one year postgraduate level Fashion Product Management course trains participants in advanced production processes and product management skills, analysing the marketing strategies and production methods necessary to create a successful fashion collection. Participants learn how to respond to trends and consumer demands, and put together a collection of products that are innovative in style, production methods and process.

The fashion course covers the techniques, organisation and economics of the production process of fashion items, learning at how to manage technical problems, responding to technological changes and product innovation, as well as new influences in the industry such as sustainability and 3D printing. By studying the relationship between fashion and technology, innovative applications in production processes are discovered. Participants learn how to interpret style from the design concept and its development, through to the finished garment or product. Extensive knowledge of fabrics and materials, their properties and appropriate uses, combined with that of cut, construction and production time is covered. They understand how raw materials are transformed into the final product following pre-production processes – sampling and sourcing of raw materials etc. through to production including cutting and sewing, and finally onto post-production processes of folding and packing, quality control and shipment etc. By gaining an in-depth knowledge of these processes participants are able to make products that are both profitable and appropriate for the market.

The supply chain, negotiation techniques with suppliers, quality control, definition of prices and delivery lead time are subject of discussion with professionals from leading companies in the fashion industry, with participants learning how to apply them to real-life projects. They select appropriate methods of company reporting in different negotiation phases of product development, correctly managing prototypes and communicating their findings. This course is for participants that have previous undergraduate level study or proven work experience, completing the course with a highly sought after profile in product management for the fashion, luxury and creative industries.

This course is also available via an Executive Training Formula.


• Product manager
• Garment technologist
• Fabric buyer
• R&d fabric manager
• Range planner
• Supply manager


• Entrepreneurship
• Product innovation
• Sustainable design
• Manage fashion marketing
• Fashion product design
• Contemporary aspects in fashion
• Development of fashion production
• Fashion production strategies
• Communication, time management, leadership
• Professional research methods

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