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Master's Course**,Master's Degree*

2 2017 - 1 2018
意大利语 · 英语
€ 5.500
EU € 26.000
non-EU € 27.500

** 顺利在米兰校区完成课程的学生将被授予马兰戈尼学院毕业证书。

2 2017 - 25 2019
€ 5.500
EU € 24.500
non-EU € 26.000

* 在巴黎成功完成英文授课项目的学生将获得由英国曼彻斯特城市大学(Manchester Metropolitan University) 颁发的硕士学位。硕士课程包括12周的工作实习。拿到硕士学位需获得180个学分。具体入学要求请登录网站,若需要更多信息,请联系所选学校信息处。 3)米兰校区课程将授予马兰戈尼学院的毕业证书。

2 2017 - 25 2019
£ 4.400
EU £ 18.000
non-EU £ 19.700

* 在伦敦成功完成英文授课项目的学生将获得由英国曼彻斯特城市大学(Manchester Metropolitan University) 颁发的硕士学位。硕士课程包括12周的工作实习。拿到硕士学位需获得180个学分。具体入学要求请登录网站,若需要更多信息,请联系所选学校信息处。 3)米兰校区课程将授予马兰戈尼学院的毕业证书。

** 伦敦校区仅接受英镑汇款。

MA Fashion Design Womenswear has consistently equipped participants with the creative skills and professionalism demanded by the global fashion system, with outstanding links to industry and a high number of alumni successfully placed in major fashion and luxury brands or running their own fashion labels. This dynamic one year Fashion Design Womenswear course (lasting 15 months in London and Paris – including internship – and 12 months in Milano) cultivates the design creativity, individual style and personal vision of participants while they respond to the rapidly evolving landscape of fashion through a series of project-based activities that reflect different aspects of industry practice. In this way, participants are challenged to develop their thinking about fashion – what it is and what it can become – to realise their full potential, while gaining advanced fashion design skills together with industry preparation.
Participants graduate with an understanding of their unique identity as designers and of their position in the fashion industry based on market intelligence.
At postgraduate level, participants will already have experience in fashion design, pattern cutting, garment making and portfolio creation in order to successfully meet the challenges of this course in creative and conceptual research, design development and experimentation, professional project development, collection development and marketing and personal branding. In this fashion course they are encouraged to work experimentally with the shape and formation of garments, with the use of renewable and sustainable resources and to devise imaginative ways of working with materials and techniques – the true, creative artisan of fashion combined with the excellence that is “Italianness”; internationally acclaimed craftsmanship, design and style. The strong design and practical elements of the course run alongside contextual, theoretical, conceptual and forward-looking perspectives, while in term 3, participants in London and Paris also have the opportunity to focus on a personal area of enquiry through research and conceptual development, leading to a dissertation accompanied by individually proposed practical work such as a fashion artefact or capsule collection. Istituto Marangoni’s exceptional professional links include guest industry speakers that provide participants with insight into the realities and the opportunities of fashion.
This course is also available via an Executive Training Formula.

* 在巴黎和伦敦成功完成英文授课项目的学生将获得由英国曼彻斯特城市大学(Manchester Metropolitan University) 颁发的硕士学位。硕士课程包括12/14周的工作实习。拿到硕士学位需获得180个学分。具体入学要求请登录网站,若需要更多信息,请联系所选学校信息处。 3)米兰校区课程将授予马兰戈尼学院的毕业证书。

** 顺利在米兰校区完成课程的学生将被授予马兰戈尼学院毕业证书。


• Fashion designer
• Fashion illustrator
• Creative director
• Textile designer
• Fashion consultant
• Trend researcher/forecaster


• The design process for womenswear collections
• Fashion illustration and presentation techniques
• Pattern cutting, garment making & production planning
• The future of fashion
• Connections between design and culture
• Marketing, communication, promotion and brand identity
• Trend research
• Creative research techniques
• The artisanship of fashion
• Textiles, new materials and technologies in design
• Contextual and theoretical studies


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