Short Course · 2 weeks

17 2017 - 28 2017
意大利语 · 英语
€ 4.200
€ 4.600
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This course will help participants connect the fashion world with the new and exciting domain of interactive marketing: social media. Whether through a mobile phone or the web, the diffusion of social media has had considerable impact on fashion. As social media becomes more user-friendly it increases its interactive potential as a means of communication, thus making it excitingly more effective in its immediacy for marketing strategies. Participants will acquire information on specific tools and strategies in order to make their own fashion communication instant, original, seductive and highly competitive. The course is designed for those who would like to work in or who are already working in this sector and aim to specialize and improve their skills.


week 1

The social context: internet, Facebook and Twitter. Overview of the evolution of communication: from paper-based communication to the web and newly applied technologies.
Marketing: basic information and principles linked to the virtual world.
Analysis of new trends in expressive and sociological terms, which characterise the new ways of communicating and their impact on the fashion world.
Research and analysis of the most significant and influential exponents of social media communication as a means of expression for fashion.

week 2

Tools: the study, analysis and research of the platforms of communication, the forum, weblogs, social blogs, micro-blogging, wikis, social networks, podcasts, etc. The online magazine, webinars, also Pinterest and Instagram. Preparation of a personal blog relating to fashion or of an online micro-magazine, which implements the knowledge of the social media and marketing techniques acquired, whose content is identifiable as avant-garde and original. Presentation of the project and final assessment.

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