The school of design

The school of design in the design district of milan

In January 2014, Istituto Marangoni opened its School of Design in the Milan design district to provide the best possible undergraduate and postgraduate training in the areas of interior design, industrial design and visual design.

Students find the tools to interpret and lead trends, through curricula that are constantly updated. In addition, they will have a materials library for interior and product design, a laboratory for light modelling, an extensive library, computer rooms with Macs, open workspaces and a cosy café where they can meet and exchange ideas.


Istituto marangoni and cappellini: together for design.

Cappellini has always been an attentive observer of developing design trends and has for several years been renewing its company philosophy with input from young students and designers from various cultural backgrounds.
In this moment in history Milan is an extraordinary point of confluence of the most interesting new tendencies in the industrial design field from all over the world.

It is with great pleasure that Giulio Cappellini, together with the company’s creative team, is participating in the development of the new Design School of Istituto Marangoni, a special project that connects Milan’s industrial culture with the formative activities of the city.

There is still a lot to create in the world of design projects, and contact with the young creative minds in the new school, located in via Cerva, will be an on-going incentive for reflection and renewal.
Living together in a school where design is discernible, in all its declinations, from furniture to lighting to teaching spaces, will ensure students have a high-quality scholastic life and will stimulate their creativity.
Istituto Marangoni, a well-established source of Italian excellence in fashion education, will make a great contribution to the world of contemporary design by showing, with the help of its students, that in today’s world a project must be treated as a complete and global concept, from the start-up idea to the final communication process.

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